About Us

What happens if you put together friends, passion for motorcycles, a workshop started, will and a lot of inventiveness? We tell you: Miceli Moto was born a few years ago (1986), becoming a small company, young and dynamic, which with great enthusiasm combines craftsmanship with technology at the service of motorcycles.

Initially moved by a gap in the market and thanks to the intuition of the owner Elio Miceli was designed, tested and patented the now known through-pin stand, the result of an innovative technical application that allows easy lifting of the bike. In addition to allowing the disassembly of the rear shock absorber, it preserves the ovalization of the tires and does not put the static weight of the bike on the suspensions.


Digital pipe bender
Without any hesitation we decided to make quality products, producing our stands in stainless steel, a brave choice to avoid the whirlwind in this sector of fierce competition. The success achieved thanks to our loyal customers has encouraged us to go forward in this direction: today we can finally offer a wide and complete line of stands and accessories, able to meet the demands of any type of motorcycle.

Stands in the Ducati box
certainly after the economic ones, are to satisfy the need for simple storage, for daily work in the workshops, in the paddocks of the "Team Corse" or at the dealers to enhance the latest model of motorcycle. The finish and the solidity of our stands will surely make us the best friends of your bike, obviously after you! (Ducati Box at Mugello) 

Boxer Cup starting grid
acquired for some time with some prestigious Racing Teams, which compete in the Italian and European circuits. We provide our products to spare parts and accessories stores, motorcycle dealers, as well as being a reference point for those who buy online.

Miceli Moto® Special Supports: acciaio e passione per la moto!